West Bengal NGNB Program

    1. Project Description

      The Nijo Griha, Nijo Bhumi—“My Home, My Land”—program (NGNB) is a West Bengal Government homestead allocation program that started in 2009 with the goal of providing homestead land to homesteadless agricultural laborer households.1  Land that is redistributed is either government land or land the government purchases from private landholders.

    2. Methodology

      Female-headed households and families with daughters only (no sons) are prioritized as well as impoverished agricultural laborer families and families with little income.

      The land plots are at least 5 decimals (5 hundredths of an acre) and are allocated in clusters. The guidelines require both spouses names to be listed, with women’s names first.


    3. Outcomes

      It is sometimes difficult for people who receive land to actually move to the land because there are no services and generally the land is not close to where they currently live.

    1. Santos, F., Fletschner, D., Savath, V., & Peterman, A. (2013). “Can Government-Allocated Land Contribute to Food Security?” IFPRI Discussion Paper, December 2013.