Methodology and Criteria for Inclusion in the Curated Content

The Research Consortium identifies and analyses research on interventions that touch on women’s land rights in some way. We monitor women and land listservs and databases as well as services that collect and disseminate research. The Research Consortium welcomes submissions of research to be included in our curated platform (see criteria for inclusion below).

The Research Consortium does not edit others’ work, but provides commentary and context for the research. The aim is to catalogue and direct readers to original research through links to Resource Equity’s LandWise portal.

Literature is reviewed by experts in the field of women’s land rights. The objective is to help clarify what the research tells us and what it does not tell us about the effectiveness of the intervention.


Studies are included if they:

  • Focus on an intervention that addresses an element of women’s land tenure security.
  • Are based on interventions that address women’s land rights and:
    • Land administration (titling, registration, and land certification)
    • Natural resource governance
    • Leasing and lifetime use rights
    • Land-based investments
    • Access to justice
    • Legal empowerment (paralegals, legal aid, legal information, legal education)
    • Social norm change
    • Knowledge, attitude, behaviour change and awareness raising
    • Women’s groups
    • Women’s advocacy groups
    • Human rights
  • Provide a clear explanation of the methodology used, the context of the study, the hypothesis tested, and the outcomes; and
  • Are published and have been peer reviewed. In the absence of this, the study should be accompanied by a letter of introduction from the author. If there is any question as to the validity of the research, two reviewers will be asked to make a ruling as to whether the study should be included or not.

Researchers do not receive payment if their work is posted on the Research Consortium platform. The Research Consortium aims to provide a “public good” and will not pay any fees, nor will it accept payment, to promote research on the Research Consortium platform.