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Welcome to the Women’s Land Rights (WLR) Help Desk, a global resource for your women’s land rights questions. We are here to support people who work with and care about women gaining rights to land. We do this by sharing information and knowledge we have collected over the years through answers to specific questions you ask us –somewhat like a library’s reference help desk. Here are some examples of the types of questions you might ask:

  • I work in Uganda on a project to help widows gain rights to customary land. Is there any research that shows that widows who can keep using their land after their husbands die take better care of their children?
  • I work in India and women have the right to have their names on land documents in government land distribution programs, but they don’t even know if their name is on their patta (certificate). What can I do?
  • I need an example of a law that gives married women rights to their husbands’ property even if he inherited the property.

While we will not be able to answer every question that we receive, nor can we provide legal advice for a specific situation, we strive to provide some sort of response to all questions within five working days of submission. We may need to ask for additional information as well. We will also post questions and answers in our searchable knowledge base so others can have easy access to this information. The authors of all question submissions will remain anonymous (unless you choose to be named).

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