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In November 2018, the inaugural Research Consortium grants were awarded to Land Investment for Transformation Programme (LIFT) (DAI Global); Associates Research Trust, Uganda (ARTU); and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). The call of the grant was to assess the effectiveness of a land rights intervention to make meaningful change in women’s lives.

The objective of the grant is to:
1. Contribute to the body of knowledge on gender-differentiated results of interventions that seek to reform land and resource tenure in some way in a given context.
2. Identify the characteristics of interventions, policies, and reforms that make them better or worse for women.
3. Develop and disseminate best practices for research and programming that seeks to reduce poverty, ensure better resource management, and/or increase gender equity through land and resource tenure related reforms.
4. Test the Women’s Land Tenure: A Conceptual Framework on gender implications of efforts to improve land rights.

The three grantees were selected through an independent peer review process, and grants were awarded based on the strength of their applications and data sets.

Hear from the Research Consortium grantees in the videos below.


Lift – DAI Global