The Research Consortium, by Resource Equity, is a powerful hub for the collection, sharing, and exchange of knowledge on how to effectively advance women’s land rights. We identify gaps in knowledge and help to develop a common agenda for research so that learnings can more easily be compared, shared, and applied. By fostering a community of researchers and practitioners, we’ll increase the quantity and quality of research while providing opportunities for further research with the goal of overcoming barriers to women’s secure land and resource rights around the world.

Join us at the 2019 World Bank Land and Poverty Conference!

From March 25th to 29th, our entire team will be attending the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference in Washington, DC. While at the conference, we will be chairing sessions, presenting papers and a poster, and teaching two Master Classes (click on Details to learn more). We hope to see you there! 



Research Topics

The Research Topics section is designed to help users sort through what we, as a community, have learned about what works to strengthen women’s land rights.  To do this, we are collecting research that is focused on interventions and summarizing what we find; identifying legal language that can help resolve some complex and difficult policy issues raised by the research; and providing examples and analysis, where possible, of project interventions that have been in some way successful.


The Opportunities section will include RFPs for research funded by the Research Consortium and information about events, workshops, and other relevant activities for the women’s land rights community.